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When the UK locked down, they stepped up.

The UK is tentatively heading out of lockdown, but here at the Black British Business Awards, we do not want to forget the frontline workers who made huge sacrifices and put their lives at risk so that we could stay safe, fed and connected. We want to make sure that the legacy of the pandemic in the UK showcases the psychological, emotional, economical and physical resilience of our community in the face of adversity, and celebrates their courage, resolve and dedication.

We believe that those who stepped up when the UK locked down are our heroes. To honour and celebrate them, we are placing a call out to our community to nominate a Black British frontline worker they know so they can be profiled on our website, social media channels and in our 2020 BBBAwards Brochure.

Nominate a Black British Frontline Worker

Who is a Frontline Worker?

The UK Government has defined 'frontline workers' as those who are critical to the Covid-19 response or delivering essential public services within the UK, such as those who are at the frontline of health and social care. 

There is an official list of key workers, as published by The Department of Education, outlining the support and specialist staff who are crucial to the UK's Covid-19 response.

The list currently includes, but isn't limited to, the following critical sectors:


Health and Social Care
doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics and social workers.
Education and Childcare
those in the social care sector, teachers, specialist education professionals.
Key Public Services
such as journalists, those working in the justice system, religious staff or charity staff. 
Public Safety and National Ssecurity
such as the police, Ministry of Defence civilians, armed forces, fire service employees, security, prison and probation staff.
such as workers in the air, water, road and rail transport systems. 
Local and National Government
such as those working in the payment of benefits.
Food and Goods Provisions
such as workers in the food production and distribution supply chain, as well as those in sales and delivery. This also includes those who work in the production of hygiene and medical goods.
Utilities, Communications and Key Financial Services
such as workers needed for essential finance provisions, telecommunications, oil, gas or electricity suppliers, postal and delivery services, waste disposal and more.
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