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In partnership with Weber Shandwick...

To boost the profile and equity of Black-owned businesses in the UK.

What is 'RISE'

Project Rise is a new partnership launched with the BBBAwards that will see Weber Shandwick use its next-generation expertise in PR and communications to boost the equity and profile of Black-owned businesses in the UK.
Weber Shandwick will provide five Black-owned businesses with pro-bono PR services to accelerate their reach and influence with mainstream audiences.
Each chosen business will be given £20,000 worth of consultancy time which they can use across a range of services from media relations and social media strategy, through to creative and marketing services.
In addition, all applicants to the programme will receive access to a series of training sessions focused on communications such as media relations, social media, video creation, aimed to help all businesses improve their skills in a range of areas.
Applications have now closed for Project Rise. If you interested in finding about more on our Enterprise initiatives, subscribe to the mailing list by clicking th link below.
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How to apply

To apply, please submit the online application form via the links on this page. Applications will be accepted by online entry only and all entries must be received by the end of application period to be valid.
We encourage all applicants to review the criteria (see below).

Applications Open

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Applications Close

Friday, 3 Sept 2021



Oct 2021

What's the criteria? 

To be eligible for Project RISE, applicants and their business must meet all of the following criteria:
  • Applicant must be eighteen years of age or older as of the date the application is submitted;
  • Applicant must be an owner of the business and identify as Black, which includes of mixed-race Black heritage;
  • The business must be for-profit, based in the UK, and registered on Companies House;
  • The must-have been operating for a minimum of 18 months;
  • The business must have full-time employees or equivalent
  • The business must have an annual turnover / revenue of at least £75,000
  • The business must have a product or service available to purchase in the UK (and a customer base already purchasing)
  • The business must have a website and/or online presence on at least one social media platform;

Eligible applications will be reviewed by an independent Judging Panel consisting of senior business leaders and entrepreneurs. Five finalists will be selected from among all eligible applicants based on the following:





What is PR?

Public Relations, “PR”, is the art of communication. PR professionals shape debate, build reputations and enhance their clients’ public image.

Account-based marketing

Maximise your brand impact by combining the brainpower of sales and marketing teams to create customised messaging that will resonate with your target customers and clients whilst also speaking to your broader audience.  

Audience Analysis

Who is your audience? How old are they? Where do they live? What are their interests and beliefs? Using the latest market research tools, these are the types of questions audience analysis seeks to answer.


Engaging, researched and meaningful content is the cornerstone to a successful campaign. Specialist copywriters create, research, edit and proof impactful content to fit a variety of channels and audiences.


Visually captivating your target audience is essential to communicating a memorable brand message. From concept to final product, design is about guiding and shaping your ideas to have a visual impact that aligns with your brand identity.

Media Relations

Media has a huge influence on how people perceive an organisation. From pitching stories to journalists, briefing them on your exciting work, and penning articles on your behalf, media relations is about influencing coverage to ensure your brand is portrayed in a positive light.  

Political Advocacy

Do you have an issue you care about and that influences your brand? Political advocacy helps you build relationships with political decision-makers to alert them on issues you care about and ensure these shape policy decisions. 

Product Launch

Launching a new product can be stressful for any business. An effective product launch plan can help alleviate this stress by ensuring effective promotion of the new product, on your website, in the media and on social channels.

Profile Raising 

Ensures you are promoting yourself effectively, attending the right events, networking with the movers and shakers of your field, and have an outstanding online presence to raise your brand visibility.

Social Media Strategy

Social media allows you to communicate with your target audience and reach new ones. Social strategists help you develop your brand identity on social media by creating and promoting social assets, engaging your community of followers and providing expert advice on roll-out.


Videos are a useful tool to promote your brand, highlight your message in a fun and interactive way and increase engagement on digital and social channels. A video team research, shoot and develop content that resonates with the public and spurs conversations around your brand.

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