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The Cross Company Mid-Career Talent Accelerator

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Is your organisation investing in your mid-career ethnic minority professionals?

With race and ethnicity still at the forefront, leading organisations are investing in targeted leadership development programmes to ensure they retain the best talent. However, these programmes may lack in the specific nuances and challenges faced by ethnic minority professionals in the workplace.
The Cross Company Mid-Career Talent Accelerator was established in 2018 as a collaboration between TNON, the BBBAwards and Delta Alpha Psi as delivery partner. The programme is a powerful cross-company initiative that integrates evidence-based learning into a virtual environment with a world class multicultural faculty. By involving the organisational ecosystem including executive sponsorsline managersDEI practitioners and employee network leaders, the Accelerator delivers a game-changing career advancement programme to create lasting impact and cultural change.
The next Cross Company Mid-Career Talent Accelerator cohort begins in Q3 2022.
Read the 2020 Impact Report for testimonials from past participants and further details on programme content.
Click here to download the 2020 Impact Report

Benefits for participants

  • To explore the power and opportunity arising from being a visible ethnic minority in today’s workplace
  • Recognising and diffusing tensions arising from in-group/out-group dynamics
  • Dealing with the challenges and pressures of leading others as an ethnic minority
  • Use of one’s authentic voice and leading courageous conversations about difference.
  • Learning from alienating experiences to develop resilience and courage
  • How to build the confidence, self-esteem and image to flourish as an ethnic minority leader
  • The strategies, skills and behaviours to enhance leadership impact and career progression

Benefits for organisations

  • Utilise a model that empowers ethnic minority talent through collaborative action of key stakeholders and intentional engagement of Allies
  • Race confidence and race fluency capacity building for HR business partners, line managers, executive sponsors and Allies
  • Activation of confident ethnic minority professionals, with strong internal networks and sponsorship prospects
  • Creating a culture of loyal employees motivated to pursue greater aspirations due a deep sense of belonging within the organisation
  • Demonstrating the impact of specific investment in ethnic minority talent through cross-company collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Enhance your brand as an employer of choice, thus increasing employee engagement and retention

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Impact Beyond One Individual

The Cross Company Mid-Career Talent Accelerator is an example of an investment that generates dividends beyond one person. It is a ground-breaking programme that challenges all key stakeholders in the company to learn about and positively deal with visible, invisible, implicit, explicit, formal and informal structures and practices that disproportionately affect the ability of ethnic minority professionals  to rise through the ranks into senior executive roles.
Companies that have benefited from the Accelerator are listed below
Alix Partners
American Express
Baker McKenzie
Bank of Ireland
Brown Brothers Harriman
Bloomberg L.P.
Channel 4
Clifford Chance
Colt Technology
The Economist Group
Financial Conduct Authority
Goldman Sachs
Johnson Matthey
J.P. Morgan
Morgan Stanley
National Grid
National Trust
Northern Trust
Procter & Gamble
Ralph Lauren
Shell Energy
Virgin Group
Wellington Management
Wells Fargo
“The most empowering facilitator-led development programme with tangible, actionable outputs that I have been on.”
“Vastly exceeded my expectations in ways I find difficult to articulate. This experience has been profound. The way I see myself and how I interact with others has been changed.”
“The programme has exceeded my expectations in terms of the context, the power of reflection time, the facilitator and the bonding that took place with the participants.”
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